Dr. Shine Choi
Visiting Assistant Professor of Korean Studies

Prof. Choi is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Korean Studies teaching at the Croft Institute and the University of Mississippi thanks to a grant from the Korea Foundation.  She received her B.A. degree in Political Science and Philosophy from Wellesley College, her Master's degree in International Studies from Seoul National University in Korea, and her Ph.D. in International Studies from Queen's University Belfast.  Choi has worked as a lecturer at Seoul National University, a visiting researcher at the Institute of Far Eastern Studies at Kyungnam University, and an AHRC Research Fellow for the National Institute of Humanities in Kyoto, Japan.

Her research and teaching areas include transnational Korea, migration and mobility, urban studies and geography, the intersections of culture and politics, gender, critical theory, and cultural and visual studies.  In fall 2015 Dr. Choi will be teaching Inst 203--Introduction to East Asian Studies and Sociology 355--Sociology of Human Rights, with an emphasis on the Korean peninsula and East Asia in general.  Teaching plans for the spring of 2016 include Inst 310--North Korea and the World, or Inst 310--International Relations, Culture, and East Asia; in addition, she will offer either Sociology 359--Sociology of Globalization or Anthropology 311--Two Koreas and Beyond. 

Prof. Choi's first book, Re-imagining North Korea in International Politics: Problems and Alternatives, was published by Routledge in December 2014.

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