Dr. Christian Sellar
Associate Professor of Public Policy Leadership

Dr. Christian Sellar, native of Italy, is a human and economic geographer with particular interests in regional economic development, industrial geographies of globalization, Europe, and post-socialism. He holds Ph.D. degrees in Geography from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Trieste.

His research program focuses on economic restructuring and local embeddedness of transnational firms. He is interested in the interactions of state institutions and transnational firms, and the ways in which these shape broad processes of geo-political and geo-economic integration at the continental level. He looks at the emergence of regional production networks, transnational value chains, and international systems of governance. In this regard, he studies the geographies and geo-economies of the eastward enlargement of the European Union and the post-socialist transformation of Eastern Europe/Russia.

His primary teaching interests are in the areas of human and economic geography, globalization and international development, Europe and post-socialism. He has experience as an instructor and as a teaching assistant in the United States, Italy, and Russia. He teaches courses dealing with international studies, European Union studies, economic geography, regional geography, economic sociology, and political economy.

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