Dr. Zachary Adamz
Croft Visiting Professor of Anthropology and Korean Studies

Zachary M. Adamz joined the Croft Institute in the fall of 2021 as Croft Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Korean Studies, specializing in modern history of the Korean peninsula and the Korean diaspora. He received his undergraduate and Master's degrees in Geography from Brigham Young University and the University of Kansas, respectively, and completed his Ph.D. in Asian Studies (with a Museum Studies portfolio) at the University of Texas in 2021.  His current research examines the relationship between cultural heritage and national identity production in contemporary South Korea, and nation-building among the so-called 'overseas Korean community'. Other research interests include geographies of nationalism and globalization, totalitarianism and genocide, theories of place-making and memory, citizenship , culture, tourism, and museology. He has been working and conducting research in South Korea and the Russian Far East since 2014, and was a Korea Foundation Fellow in 2019.

zmadamz at olemiss dot edu
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