Academic Advising

A.  Regular Academic Advising

All students must meet with their Croft advisor before they can register for classes for the next semester.  Mandatory advising takes place once per semester.  Prior to meeting with the advisor, students will receive a report detailing their progress through the major and must prepare a tentative schedule for the next semester.  We will only grant you an advising session if you have fully prepared yourself for the advising session.  

Preparation for advising means that you have:

  • checked the advising report for errors and made corrections where necessary
  • developed a tentative schedule for the next semester
  • prepared a plan for progression through the major that you can discuss with the advisor
  • scheduled an appointment via the Croft reception

*Please note that advisors will not see you nor lift your advisor hold if you do not follow these instructions.

B.  Special Advising

If at any time, you would like to speak to an advisor concerning any aspect of your situation at Croft or the University, or if you have personal concerns you would like to discuss, please schedule an appointment with Mr. Young, Dr. Gowan, or Dr. Dinius by calling the Croft reception at (662)915-1500.

C.  Study Abroad Advising and Approval Process

Students planning to go abroad during the junior year must make their plans very early in the semester immediately preceding the study-abroad semester.  Study-abroad advising is more complicated than regular academic advising and involves coordination among several offices: the Croft Institute, the Department of Modern Languages, the Study Abroad Office, and the Office of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. 

For detailed instructions on how to set up your study-abroad program, please visit our Study Abroad Advising Page.

Special Note: Transfer Credit

Please note that if you intend to take classes at another American university between semesters and transfer those credits to U.M., you need to submit a Transfer Credit Approval Form to the College of Liberal Arts before taking the classes.  This does not apply to study abroad classes, which must be approved by a separate process.