Patrick WoodyardClass of 2010

Co-Founder and CEO of Nisolo in Nashville, TN

The Croft Institute played a pivotal role in preparing me for my career. I chose Global Economics & Business as my tract and Latin American Studies and Spanish as my regional and language focus. Today, I am the CEO of a multinational fashion brand working throughout Central and South America. My thematic and regional concentrations at the Croft Institute have lined up quite nicely with my career choices and have helped me in all of the obvious ways.

However, it’s often times the less obvious takeaways from Croft that students should be thankful for regardless of whether or not their future choices line up with their regional and thematic concentration. I’m especially grateful for the often overlooked intangibles that derive from the rigor and intentionality of the Croft syllabus, as well. Namely, I graduated from the Croft Institute with superior research skills, massively enhanced oral and written communication skills, and a much clearer philosophical understanding of my place as a global citizen on this planet. That, my friend, is simply invaluable.

B.A. in International Studies, 2010Latin America and Global Economics and Business
Second Major in Spanish
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