Through internships with businesses, NGOs, government agencies, and other public and private institutions, Croft students gain a unique and valuable perspective on their futures. Croft faculty and staff provide assistance to students in identifying internships in their areas of interest and applying for them.

The question of internships is raised in advising sessions twice a year with each student on an individual basis, and a limited number of modest stipends are available to assist students in taking advantage of internship opportunities that are unpaid.  Most of the internships offer academic credit.

Below are some of the internships our students have interned with during their time in the Croft Institute:


The International Studies major leads to a liberal arts degree, not a professional degree.  Like many other liberal arts majors, the International Studies major prepares students to analyze complex issues, to write and speak clearly and forcefully, and to be flexible and innovative in dealing with intellectual and practical challenges and problems. 

The major constitutes superior preparation for continuing higher education at the graduate level.  At the same time, the International Studies major is more applied and practical than the typical liberal arts degree: students become fluent in a foreign language, they acquire practical quantitative skills, they learn how to survive abroad, and they make many connections with professionals in government, the non-profit sector, and business. 

The major therefore also offers excellent preparation for those who want to work directly upon graduation.  A degree from Croft is the proof that you are a highly competitive college graduate ready to make your mark on the world!

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