Croft Alumni

It is impossible to describe a "typical" Croft graduate.  Because of the program's flexibility, our students gain a wide range of skills, which, when combined with their motivation, passion, and intelligence, make them competitive for careers in a variety of fields.  A Croft graduate might be the director of finance and operations for an international non-profit organization, a foreign affairs officer for the U.S. Department of State, or an account manager for a European sustainable energy consulting firm. 

About half of our graduates work in the private sector, while the rest are split between education, the non-profit sector, and local, state, and national governments.  The majority of our alumni will obtain one or more graduate degrees at some point in their careers, typically a Masters or J.D., but occasionally a doctorate or even medical degree.

We are always happy to hear from our alumni, and we work to connect our graduates with each other and with our current students.  Please let us know what you have been up to or if you'd like to reach out to your fellow Croft alumni.

Croft Class of 2016 Tosses Hats at Graduation
Careers of Croft Graduates
Graduate School
Private Sector 54%, Education 16%, Government 14%, Nonprofit 16%

Employment by Sector

In the field of education, about half of our alumni are professors, teachers and researchers, while the other half are administrators.  The Croft graduates who work for non-profit organizations are involved in everything from the arts, international development and education to health care, human rights, and legal services.  Many of our alumni who work in the public sector serve in our nation's military, while others work for the State Department, Congress, and other federal, state, and local agencies.

Private-Sector Employment by Industry

Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation3%
Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Accounting18%
Business and Manufacturing9%
Consulting and Lobbying9%
Defense and Security1%
Health Care4%
Language or Adult Education (Private)2%
Media, Marketing, and Public Relations10%
Real Estate2%
Retail and Wholesale9%

Almost all Croft alumni will continue their studies beyond the undergraduate level, although many gain several years of professional experience before returning to school.  They attend some of the finest graduate programs in the world and find themselves as well prepared - or better - than their classmates.

Croft Graduate Degrees


Graduate Fields of Study

Area Studies5%
International Affairs, Public Affairs, and Development15%
Management, Finance, and Accounting14%
Medicine and Public Health6%
Military and Security Studies1%
Social Sciences6%