Croft Faculty and Staff Page

Welcome to the Croft Institute's faculty and staff page. All of us--Croft professors and the Institute staff--work very hard to provide a supportive environment and superior education to the students in the International Studies major.  We are readily accessible for our students and invite you to seek us out any time. We combine our scholarly pursuits with a strong interest in teaching, involving Croft students in our research and encouraging student research whenever possible. Please take a closer look at these faculty and staff pages, and familiarize yourself with our special areas of expertise, interest, and responsibility.

What I appreciate most about Croft has been my experience with the professors.  They have always been enthusiastic in class and approachable outside of class.  They challenged me to think deeper and reach farther.  I'm thankful for their help...and their patience.

Susan Lawrence, Croft 2009 graduate