Croft News
November 6, 2017

Croft Professor Wins U.M. International Collaboration Grant to Study History of Nanjing

Dr. Joshua Howard, Croft Associate Professor of History and International Studies, has been awarded the U.M. International Collaboration Grant for the summer of 2018.  The grant will fund a six week research trip to Nanjing, where he will be conducting research at the Municipal Archives and China's Second Historical Archives.  His research, "Beyond Social Control and Resistance: Labor under the Wang Jingwei Collaborationist Regime" is a joint project with Professor Liangqin Jiang, Professor of History and Executive Director of the Center for Studies on the History of Republican China at Nanjing University. Using as a main source several hundred labor-capital arbitration cases during the World War II era, when Nanjing was the capital of the Wang Jingwei collaborationist regime, Dr. Howard and Dr. Jiang are writing a social history of occupied Nanjing. This summer they intend to co-author the first of several articles on wartime Nanjing. Dr. Howard has also been invited to speak at Nanjing University.