Croft News
April 14, 2018

10th SCATJ Japanese Speech Contest Held at Croft Institute

The 10th SCATJ Japanese Speech Contest was held in the Croft Institute on Saturday, April 14.  About seventy people attended, including 23 contestants from Mississippi State University, Tulane University, the University of Memphis, and the University of Mississippi.  Three Croft students, Kayley Carter, Jasmine Nguyen, and Hayes Fischer, won prizes for their video skits, and Admissions Coordinator Elizabeth Googe also participated.  Thank you to Dr. Kaoru Ochiai and the rest of the U.M. Japanese program for all of their work organizing the event and teaching our students!

Video Skit Contest Winners

1st place: Urashima Taroo : Atarashii Sekai (University of Mississippi)
Kayley Carter (Croft), Jasmine Nguyen (Croft), Juliana Coleman, Michael Davis

2nd place: Momotaroo Now (University of Mississippi)
Hayes Fischer (Croft), Amani Johnson, Shammond Shorter, Ryan Young

3rd place: Golden Week (Tulane University)
Madeleine Sykes, Aleena Cheema, Jake Toohey, Sam Childs

Speech Contest Winners

2nd year Category

1st place: Skyler Crane, University of Mississippi
2nd place: Brianna Tibbetts, Mississippi State University
3rd place: Jacob McGarey, Tulane University

3rd year and above Category

1st place: Justin Montgomery, University of Mississippi
2nd place: Jack Walker, University of Mississippi
3rd place: Kariel Mosley, University of Mississippi