Croft News
September 20, 2019

Alumni Talk: Gracie Boland

Gracie Boland
Pursuing Masters in Management and Business Administration
at the School of Management Strasbourg, France

After graduating from Croft in 2014, Gracie taught English (ESL) in France through TAPIF for two years and then taught English at Universite de Strasbourg for two years. Gracie is now pursuing her masters in Management and Business Administration from the School of Management Strasbourg.

Friday, September 20 at 2:00 pm
in the Gerald M. Abdalla Boardroom (Croft 305)

The Alumni Talk is open to anyone interested! We encourage all students to attend who have an interest in international business and those who would like live abroad for academic and professional reasons!

All who are unable to attend but would like to remotely view the session can use this link—https://call.lifesizecloud.com/174353. You may either download the Lifesize app or go directly to the link in a Chrome browser.

For more information, please email Bree Starnes.