Amy MahoneyClass of 2001

Croft set me on my professional path. When I was in school for my B.A. in International Studies, many people would ask me “...and what will you do with that?” True, it’s not a degree in something considered tangible like business management, early childhood education, or pharmacology, but that’s one of the excellent things about such a degree  - one can pick from an array of possibilities based on interest, and more importantly, passion. This is precisely what happened to me.  During my Junior year at Croft, another Croft student convinced me to join him in taking a class on Human Rights, taught by Kevin Bales. It was in this class that I discovered that slavery still existed; it took me a bit of time to wrap my head around this fact. Once I came to terms with this new truth about the world, I decided on my path in life. I focused on the issues related to development and trafficking in persons in graduate school, and after graduating have worked professionally in the anti-trafficking realm ever since. One class at Croft completely changed my life; it’s been an incredible journey…and it’s only just beginning.

B.A. in International Studies, 2001Europe and Social and Cultural Identity
M.A. in International Development in Development, American University, 2004
Current Position
Head of the Counter-Trafficking and Protection Unit at the International Organization for Migration in Washington, DC