Chisom UdezeClass of 2009

I honestly believe that my education at Croft was the most significant education I received. No, it was not as demanding as a Masters degree but it did come close and it prepared me for all of my future challenges and endeavors. I realized during my first Masters degree that I had an advantage over many of my peers. The ability to think on my feet and to know something about everything was priceless, and while it came natural to me thanks to my Croft education, everyone else seemed to struggle. While my peers in graduate school complained about writing a 10 page double spaced paper, I felt so proud, I could write a solid 20 page single-spaced paper and read a 'tedious' 5000 page book in a breeze.

My abilities at research and stretchwork significantly improved! Give me a few hours, a laptop, and a topic and I can answer just about any question. And these skills were an advantage at job interviews and for my jobs as a Treasury- and Market Research Analyst. I often find that in all of my studies (I also have a bachelors degree in Economics), there's always a course that I either felt was completely unnecessary or irrelevant, but never at Croft. Every course I took was worth it. The knowledge I received are forever inscribed in my mind. In my opinion, a Croft education was invaluable for my academic success as well as for the magnitude of life, commercial, and interpersonal skills I received.

Chisom is currently working to build a private boarding school in Lagos, Nigeria, called Xanadu Academy. For more information and to find out how to help, visit Chisom's page on Indie GoGo.

B.A. in International Studies, 2009Europe and Global Economics and Business
M.Sc. in Economics, the University of Utrecht, 2011
M.A. International Education Management, Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey, 2013
Career History
Treasury Analyst for ExxonMobil in Monterey, CA
Market Research Analyst for Whalepath in Mountain View, CA
Founder and CEO of Xanadu Academy in Nigeria
Current Position
Founder and CEO of Mettle Consulting in Oslo, Norway