Kennedy Horton

B.A. in International Studies, 2009

East Asia and Global Economics and Business
Second Major in Chinese

I came to Ole Miss for Croft and the Flagship Chinese Program and never once doubted that decision. First and foremost Croft was a lot of fun. I have always been curious about the diversity in our world and it was fantastic to be around other students with the same curiosity. This really helped stimulate intellectual curiousity and made me want to learn and study new things all the more.

Croft also really helped me learn how to interpret world events and economic trends that have proven very useful in the business world. In my Croft classes I was taught to use a mix of theoretical models we studied to frame whatever political/economic/social trend or event was in question at a high level, then to fill out that understanding with strong research. As a result of this training, I feel prepared and confident to approach business problems with very little guidance—I have the tools to dig down and find out what is really going on, and confidence (the kind that comes from practice) to trust those findings. Another way the Croft education has helped me a lot is in the diversity of fields we study in Croft. Business management is all about using tools from a variety of disciplines (ie. economics, behavioral science, etc.) to help navigate an enterprise in a complex world—my experience at Croft really helped me get started in learning how to look for and use those tools. 

Further Education
MBA, the University of Mississippi, 2011
Current Position
Senior Financial Analyst and Business Plan Lead with Fedex in Memphis, TN