Amy MahoneyClass of 2001

Head of the Counter-Trafficking and Protection Unit at the International Organization for Migration in Washington, DC

During my Junior year at Croft, another Croft student convinced me to join him in taking a class on Human Rights, taught by Kevin Bales. It was in this class that I discovered that slavery still existed; it took me a bit of time to wrap my head around this fact. Once I came to terms with this new truth about the world, I decided on my path in life. I focused on the issues related to development and trafficking in persons in graduate school, and after graduating have worked professionally in the anti-trafficking realm ever since. One class at Croft completely changed my life; it’s an incredible journey.

B.A. in International Studies, 2001Europe and Social and Cultural Identity
M.A. in International Development in Development, American University, 2004
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